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ophthafutur® is more than just a standard product line. The brand faces all current and future challenges in the ophthalmic sector.
It offers unique and smart solutions, supported and counselled by a ­multidisciplinary group of experts. These experts come from the fields of ophthalmology, chemistry, pharmacy, biology and physics.

The primary goal of the brand is the generation of new product ideas, development, registration and marketing of related products.

 The introduction of the new European guidelines and other requirements from around the world results in a rise of expectations from all stakeholders: international health authorities, notified bodies, as well as
surgeons and patients asking for products manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical and regulatory standards, offering outstanding quality. The  ophthafutur® product line responds to this market demand.

The co-operation of clinicians and scientists with an experienced manu­facturer enables a rational problem solving approach, aided by a very successful history of 25 years in pharmaceutical production, quality control, device manufacturing and drug synthesis. We aim to offer ­superior quality products conforming to the most demanding requirements. Further benefits are ease of use, modern packaging and clear ­labeling.

One source for innovation will be the adaption of new surgical techniques, high-tech engineering, novel materials and developments around well-­established products.

A better understanding of the interaction of medical devices with tissues during surgery, as well as their newly defined bio-chemical and physical impact will offer new opportunities.

ophthafutur® represents an innovative and creative environment in which you can become an important part. We invite you to join with us in your role as surgeon or scientist.

Please contact the  ophthafutur® team with your ideas and needs. We can then discuss and evaluate your thoughts for successful inclusion into the  ophthafutur® concept.

nomen est omen – the name says it all

Your  ophthafutur® team